one step at a time

Toms footwear strengthens and tones muscles commonly used while walking. Muscle groups that are strengthened and toned include those found in the feet, legs, buttocks, thigh, stomach and back. Muscle activity and circulation is also increased, which bolsters the health of your lower body. This increased activity also helps to reduce cosmetic conditions, such as cellulite and varicose veins. This also leads to relaxation of tight muscles, and the lessening of back and joint problems.

Go for a jog wearing Toms’s Women’s Sport 2 and know that you are getting everything you can out of your workout. You’ll feel the burn as your muscles naturally strive to balance against the Masai Barefoot Technology, resulting in better definition and posture. The white leather and mesh upper will blend in seamlessly with any wardrobe choice while the athletic design can be worn on a variety of occasions. Order a pair today and start improving your health, one step at a time.

The Masai Barefoot Technology works by causing you to balance and center properly while working. Instead of walking simply on a flat surface, toms shoes outlet uses a multi-layered sole to simulate how our ancestors naturally walked. This challenges the sole, as opposed to simply cushioning, and trains muscles to be more active and keep firm posture. Correct posture strengthens the back and joints, aids in an increase of oxygen to the body, and betters both breathing and circulation.

Prove to your friends and family that sandals can be just as comfortable as sneakers with the Women’s Pia from toms shoes outlet online. Beige and tan leather straps will secure this shoe to your foot with ease while the neutral color scheme provides versatility you’ll appreciate. With its unique cushioning and structure, this sandal will help you train in the correct way to walk that brings a myriad of health benefits you’ll begin to notice as soon as you stand up.